Purpose: To Ensure The Highest Quality of Work and Customer Satisfaction Possible


Step 1:  Completion of a questionnaire to help us learn about your needs and begin the quoting process.

Step 2:  A customized quote is provided to you ensuring transparency in the billing process.

Step 3:  A site visit of our facility by your team is conducted to continue the learning process.

Step 4:  A site visit of your facility by our team is encouraged to continue the learning process.

Step 5:  A Go-Live date is determined.

Step 6:  Depending upon the needs of your business, a minimum of one Account Representative and one Front Line Partner are assigned to you, with additional representatives as needed. These assignments are critical, as this allows our team to gain an in depth understanding of your daily needs.

Step 7:  A Unique Standard Operating Procedure is written specifically for your business, to ensure the highest quality of work is completed.

Step 8:  A Weekly Meeting takes place among our team, reviewing the previous week’s activity and updating your unique SOP if necessary.

Step 9:  Invoices are generated either weekly or monthly, depending on the type of account.

Step 10:  Customer Care Follow-Ups are conducted to close the loop with you.