Here’s what others are saying:

Lisa and Gene are incredibly responsive. We move truckloads in and out almost daily, and they can work around our very improvised schedule with very short notice. National Commercial handles outbound shipments smoothly. Their diligence and responsiveness have made off-site warehousing simpler than managing inventory internally.

– Jeremey Wilson
Basic Aluminum Castings

National Commercial Warehouse is an excellent warehousing and logistics partner for our needs. Their fantastic service, support and solutions make doing business with them a pleasure.

– Sharon Swedenborg
Ericson Manufacturing Company – Shipping Supervisor

When my company needed to expand our storage dramatically we sought out a location that was logistically positioned and would be able to respond in a timely manner. NCW was a perfect fit for our requirements. We had to position close to a million pounds of material in short order. Gene was able to handle the numerous daily truckloads and stock the material in a clearly defined location. This inventory was tracked efficiently with zero error over the three year period we utilized this location. Accurate monthly billing and inventory was never an issue. Material distribution to our manufacturing facility was efficiently managed and timely. In the event of an emergency need, the response was immediate. I can’t thank Gene and Lisa enough for the many times I needed above average service and was satisfied. I highly recommend NCW for any of your storage needs.

– Daniel J. DeJak
Stretchtape, Inc.

We’ve worked with NCW since 2009 and the level of customer service provided by their staff has been second to none. They have always been able to accommodate us and their convenient location has made them an invaluable resource throughout the years.

– Gene Knapp
Yellowbook/Hibu Inc

If you’re looking for contract filling or help private labeling products, National Commercial Warehouse is your solution. At a time when other contract filling companies either couldn’t perform the filling we required or were asking for outrageous minimum order quantities, NCW came to our aid. Not only were they able to fill for us at much more manageable order quantities, they helped us save on costs while developing custom filling systems and procedures which were specific to our needs. Their customer service, filling quality, and timing has continued to far exceed our expectations time and time again. It is truly a pleasure working with National Commercial Warehouse. I really can’t recommend them enough.

Do yourself and your business a favor, and give them a call.

– Patrick Bruske
Ecoxall LLC

Working with Lisa has been an excellent experience. Lisa and her team came through with flying colors, completing liquid filling for a new product launch. Timing was critical and the new launch went off as expected. I highly recommend them for your contract packaging requirements, especially when timing and quality are essential.

– Dan Nelson
Graphic Dimensions

Finally, A dependable commercial warehouse that fits the special needs of the Grocery Industry. Gene and Lisa have been great! They understand the demands and headaches of grocery distribution centers and are there to assist with seamless deliveries. A dependable “GO TO” operation. Thanks again!

– Mike
Truck Manager – Gilster Marylee

Rick Wilton, from Independent Paperboard Marketing, just left my office and had very good things to say about you! I told him you’re the best warehouse I’ve ever dealt with and I meant it.

– Norm Hensley Jr
Ace Paper Tube Corporation

U-Met has been using National Commercial Warehouse for a number of years. We started with them because of their location just off I-90 on the East side of Cleveland and their reasonable rates. We have been loyal because their whole team, Gene, Lisa, & Bob follows through on the little things and are very dependable.

I would recommend NCW to any company that needs warehousing service.

– Steve Beach
President at U-Met