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Gene and Lisa

Gene & Lisa

“National Commercial Warehouse, located in Cleveland, Ohio has been in the public warehousing business for over 45 years.  After working as an employee for several years, my uncle, Gene Wodzisz partnered with Kay Fusselman and in 1979 the two purchased NCW.  In 1984, Uncle Gene became the sole owner of National Commercial Warehouse. As the oldest of ten children, (my father happens to be the youngest), Uncle Gene kept National Commercial Warehouse a true family-run operation, guided by the principles of hard work, honesty and treating people fairly which evolved into The NCW Way. Over the past 35+ years, most of my uncles and many of my cousins have either been on the NCW payroll, or volunteered their skills when needed. With siblings and cousins working together, many lively discussions over things like who’s the best tow motor operator, who can load trucks the fastest and who’s the outright strongest have been a regular part of our frequent family gatherings.

In 2013, Uncle Gene announced that he no longer wished to continue running National Commercial Warehouse. This business has been woven into the fabric of our family for many years and I want to ensure its continued success. With the support of my husband Bob and the guidance of Uncle Gene, we are continuing the operation of NCW. We believe in the principles that built National Commercial and it is our intention to carry on Uncle Gene’s legacy of honesty and fairness with our customers, while consistently providing quality service.

Lisa (Wodzisz) Oswald”

“Giving You The Flexibility To Extend Your Business”